Yamazaki Mazak Singapore Tooling Department

Yamazaki Mazak tooling department was established in 1992. we have been supplying toolings for Mazak CNC lathe machines to our worldwide production plants in Japan,UK,USA and China. In 1999 we further extended our tooling business to global Mazak parts centres in order to fulfill our after market requirement.

We focus on the promotion of continuous support and innovation whereby compelling new ideas are generated through the vast experience accumulated within the tooling department to stimulate the innovation process.

In-house facilities

Our (3,800 m2) workshop is fully equipped with sophisticated Mazak CNC machines with unmanned automation like robot arm and pallectech system .The workshop possess both state of the art facilities and skilled personnel for complete mechanical overhaul, grinding, sand blasting painting and service. Our maintenance and design & development team are also fully equipped for inspections as well as evaluation testing, which in turn enables us to deliver your required standards.

Yamazaki Mazak Singapore tooling department is also moving forward to the next stage of expansion and facilities upgrading in response to increasing market demands and requirements.






Exchange Program

Yamazaki Mazak Singapore is proud to announce the launch of our exchange program, which focuses on after sales tooling service support.

Beginning April 1st, customers will be eligible to replace existing tooling with new tools for all machine models (Mill, Fixed Tool). This plan will be extended to all customers in the South East Asian regions.

Customers can now trade in used tools and we will replace it with a new unit at 60% of your cost price.

Contact your local distributors or local Mazak regional office to find out more.