Yamazaki Mazak is committed to delivering products and solutions that contribute to carbon neutrality.

* Carbon footprint is amount of carbon dioxide emissions produced through product life cycle

As a leading machine tool manufacturer, reducing CO₂ emissions during manufacturing process is our obvious mission, but is not enough. By looking into CO₂ emissions before and after manufacturing, we can realize reducible CO₂ emissions. Reducing CO₂ emissions throughout the product life cycle is our mission to be fulfilled.

Three approaches to reducing CO₂ emissions

We are committed to developing technology for decarbonization through productivity improvements.
Mazak promotes the following comprehensive three approaches to contribute to the reduction of our environmental impact and towards achieving a sustainable society.

Energy-saving technology Utilizing AI and digital technology Process integration

Yamazaki Mazak SDGs activities

Products and Technologies


Development of machine tools and technologies that contribute to manufacturing toward the realization of carbon neutrality

Production and Purchasing


Introduce advanced technologies and new production processes to create an environmentally friendly society and eco-friendly factory



Build environmentally friendly and efficient business processes by using digital technologies